can you deduct interest paid on a car loan

However, if you own a business, which in turn, owns the car, the business can deduct the interest paid. Also, you can deduct the interest paid on the car if it’s investment property, like a.

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In certain circumstances like self-employment, you may be able to deduct the interest portion of your loan, but never the principal.

No, personal expenses are only deductible if there is a provision in the code for the deduction. There are general deductions for car loans. There may be deductions if this is a business vehicle, if it’s a specialy modified vehicle for medical purposes, or a few other exceptions.

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You may deduct the interest on loans used to purchase your house, as well as refinanced mortgages. With the latter, you can deduct interest up to the home’s purchase price.

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Do I deduct the interest paid on a car loan? Interest on a personal automobile loan is not deductible. 0 116 Share. Reply. About. How TurboTax works; Why choose TurboTax TurboTax guarantees; How TurboTax has ACA covered.

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Interest paid on personal loans, car loans, and credit cards is not tax deductible. Someone may be able to claim interest paid on taxes if they If you use it for both personal and business purposes, then you can deduct loan interest proportionate to the amount of time you use the vehicle for.

If you’re wondering whether personal loan interest is tax deductible the answer, sadly, is no. You don’t include the loan advance in your taxable income and you cannot deduct the interest payment on your tax return.

You can deduct interest you paid on a student loan for yourself, your spouse or any person who was your dependent when you took out the loan. A deduction reduces your taxable income, reducing the amount of income tax you owe. Go to this section in Credit Karma Tax: Student Loan Interest.