how can i tell what my house is worth

If you’re planning to sell, the Redfin Estimate can give you an idea how much you’ll get for your home. If you’re house hunting, the Estimate can predict the final sale price for listings you’re interested in. Check out the Redfin Estimate for homes in Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh, Rhode Island, or one of our other 80+ markets across the U.S.

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The valuation of your home impacts your net worth and your ability to borrow against the home. Valuation is also important in determining that you have adequate replacement value on your homeowner’s policy. That said, while it’s good to have a reasonable idea of the value of your home, it is not critical unless you are planning to sell it.

Simply enter your home address, your state, and your zip code to learn how much your home might be worth. Instead of giving an exact estimate, Chase offers a price range they feel your home falls into.

How Much Is My House Worth? Get an instant home valuation. See What Your Home Could Sell for Based on Recent Comps Nearby.

Get a home value estimate today. Browse through our home values for all of your real estate needs at RE/MAX.

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Find out what your home is worth, instantly. Be very careful though, because we all know these diy online home evaluations are NOT reliable.

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While a valuation is an estimate, the only real test of what your home is actually worth at any given moment is the price someone is willing to pay for it. Unfortunately, you only find this out.

One easy starting point with a home valuation is to enter your address into an online home value estimator, which will, within seconds, present you with a free estimate of what your home is worth.

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